How many rooms do you have?

At the moment we have 2 rooms - Escape from the Secret Office and Escape from the Haunted House. 

What is the recommended team size?

The recommended team size is 4-7 people for the Secret Office and 7-12 for the Haunted House.

I am organising a larger team building event for my company. Who should I call?

We can set up the event for your team at your preferred time. Please write us an email at and we will reply shortly.

What time should we arrive?

Your team don't have to be there earlier than your booking time, unless it is a larger team building event and you were informed about it. We kindly ask all participants not to be late.

Can we play if we are a bit tipsy?

No, playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden.

Is it safe to play if I am claustrophobic?

The room is about the size of an average living room, so you will not find it very small. You can leave any time.

Can children play?

Children can play if accompanied with an adult.

Why is my booking not refundable?

This is a live event, so we need to arrange a room and we do not accept walk in customers.

How much does it cost?

The game is $28 per person, and your team has to have at least 3 people for the Secret Office and at least 5 people for the Haunted House.

Do you have any other times available?

We can arrange the games at your preferred time. Please write us an email at